Special Programs

People & Places for grades K-3: Italy

May 17 at 4:30 Story, film and music of Italy. Make a gondola or a Mona Lisa. (Siblings and families welcome.) Registration preferred. 401-231-4980. press 5.

Science Club for grades k-3

June 7, 2017 6:30 pm Motion, Force, Mass, Design! Make a Parachute Inspired by da Vinci

Discover some of Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions and make your own parachute to launch an action figure. Please bring a small action figure if possible. If not, a substitute will be provided. (siblings/family welcome) REGISTRATION PREFERRED 401-231-4980 X5.

Thursday Summer Programs at 11 am, for grades k-3

Registration required for O'Keefe program, Registration recommended for others. Call (401) 231-4980, and press 5. (Siblings and families welcome.)

Plant seeds Thursday, June 29th, 11:00 am Let’s Grow! Become familiar with the lifecycle and parts of a plant through stories and hands on activities of sorting and identifying parts of real plants. Participate in Supermarket Botany! Start a real plant with seeds here at the library to take home, care for and grow! Registration Preferred.

camera obscura Thursday, July 6th- 11:00 am Let’s turn your view of the world upside down! Learn about Leonardo da Vinci and make a Camera Obscura. Leonardo was the first person to connect the way this type of camera worked with the way the human eye worked. Registration Preferred.

Gee Bee Racer Thursday July 13th- 11:00 am-Balloons, Planes, Achievements in Flight- stories and activities about the first international flight by balloon, interesting first attempts at flight, The Wrights, The Granville Brothers (GeeBees) and creativity surrounding such endeavors. Flight inspired crafts! Registration Preferred.

invisible ink Thursday, July 27th- 11:00 am- Da Vinci’s Sense of Humor! Yes, he had sense of humor and engaged in practical jokes on friends, jokes and puzzles. In that spirit, come discover Leonardo da Vinci’s not too well known side with Jokes, puzzles and make a floating animal or invisible ink! Registration Preferred.

O'Keefe Collage Thursday, August 3rd- 11:00 am- (Family and Siblings Welcome)-Georgia O’Keeffe Tissue Paper Collages-Create a Georgia O’Keeffe inspired tissue paper collage. Learn how to employ balance, depth and cropping into this art. Registration REQUIRED.

Thursday August 10th- 11:00 am- Entering K and Up-Fill Your Bucket- Featured book is “Have you filled a Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud. We all have invisible buckets that we carry as we go through the day. We have them and other people have them. When we have a full bucket, we feel great. When we do not, we feel sad. What can we do to help fill other’s buckets? Story and group discussion and visuals how to identify Bucket Dippers (How not to be one) and Bucket Fillers (How to be one) and another interactive activity in which children will have the opportunity to practice being Bucket Fillers at home or school. Registration Preferred.

Monthly Programs

Lego Club

Second Thursdays of the Month, 5 to 7 pm

Come play with our 10 000+ Lego Bricks. What can you build today?

Weekly Children's Programs

Family Drop-in Crafts

Saturdays, 11am - 3:30pm

Several self-guided projects for children ages 3 and up with a grown-up.

Storytime at 10:30 am

The current series runs through June 1.

Stories, songs, activities and crafts. Children should be accompanied by a grown-up. No need to register.

  • Tuesdays - babies up to 3 years old
  • Wednesdays - ages 3 to 5
  • Thursdays - ages 2 & 3

Museum Passes

The library offers discount passes to several fun places in and around the state! These passes have been donated by the Friends of Mohr Library.
Click here for more information about our Museum Passes


For more information, call 231-4980, and press 5 for the children's room.
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